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6 creative ways to meet your new neighbours

Posted on July 4th 2016

Getting your keys, moving in and beginning a life in your new home is a tremendously exciting period. After you’ve got the big move out […]

5 storage tips for your kitchen

Posted on June 27th 2016

Storage isn’t a conundrum confined to the kitchen, it’s something to consider in every room. But for this blog, we’ll stick to the kitchen because […]

5 ways to make your kitchen the hub of your home

Posted on May 25th 2016

Traditionally, the kitchen has always been at the heart of the family home. From the smell of delicious home cooking to the simple joy of […]

The Essential Guide to Buying a Property

Posted on May 12th 2016

For most people, buying a property will be one of the most expensive purchases they’ll ever make. Therefore taking the time out to consider all […]

5 Ways to Brighten up Your Garden on a Budget

Posted on May 5th 2016

Gardening is extremely fashionable in the UK. It’s a hobby that provides an opportunity to be active, while it’s a superb way to be creative […]

Stylish Storage Solutions

Posted on April 29th 2016

Staying organised shouldn’t drive you crazy. There are plenty of other things to lose sleep over without worrying about your home becoming overwhelmed with clutter. […]

Discover Salford

Posted on April 20th 2016

A city in its own right since 1926, Salford is a fascinating place where old and new meet. Remnants of its industrial heritage rub shoulders […]